About us

We produce the best thermocouples available in the USA... and quite possibly the world.
...That is what our customers (and some competitors!) tell us.


SAPC was created to fill a need for close tolerance, dependable and long lasting temperature measurement sensors – at first aimed at the aerospace industry and anyone that supplies products and services to that industry. 

It quickly became apparent that there are many other industries that can benefit from our precise manufacturing methods and our resulting superior products.

With our staff’s combined varied experience and our broad knowledge base in temperature measurement we have gotten quite a reputation in the temperature measurement industry (even with our competitors) for producing the best thermocouples available in the U.S., and quite possibly the world.  Our customers have become very loyal friends and so have some of our competitors.

We are not trying to be everything for everybody.  We will tell you if we can help you and recommend you to a trusted competitor if we can’t.