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Summit Aerospace Products Corporation

10250 Brecksville Rd.
Brecksville, OH 44141

phone: (330) 612-7341
fax: (330) 777-5681


ISO 17025 accredited product certifications
member of: ASM, ASTM, SAE


Thermocouples, assemblies, wire and related parts are sold by Summit Aerospace Products Corporation (SAPC) under the following warranties, which extend only to the first buyer of said products as new merchandise received directly from SAPC or from an authorized SAPC distributor, representative, or reseller.

These products are warranted to be free from functional defects in materials and workmanship at the time of manufacture and conform to specifications set forth in relevant SAPC documents for such products.

SAPC’s sole and exclusive obligation, and the buyer’s sole exclusive remedy under the above warranty is limited to repair or replacement. This remedy applies, at SAPC’s option, free of charge to the products which are reported in writing to SAPC at its main office - Summit Aerospace Products Corp., 10250 Brecksville Rd., Brecksville, OH 44141 – and which, if so advised by SAPC, are returned to the designated facility during normal business hours, transportation prepaid, and which, upon examination by SAPC, are found not to comply with the above warranty.

SAPC shall not be liable for any expressed or implied warranties beyond the above warranty, nor any incidental, consequential, special or other damage, costs or expenses, with the exclusive exception of the repair or replacement as described above. SAPC makes no warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose with respect to these products.